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The Crystalens Journey
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The Crystalens Journey for those who are Farsightedness, Presbyopic or have Cataracts

Your Problems...

  • Farsighted — A mismatch between the length of the eye and the optical power of your lens and cornea causing blurred distance and reading vision without glasses.
  • Presbyopia —  The inability to accommodate, that is see at near without glasses or bifocals.  Accommodation occurs because the lens inside your eye can move.  As the natural lens matures it loses its ability to move.  Presbyopia is a natural occurrence usually starting at age 40 and worsening until age 70.  The Crystalens is the only IOL that can move within the eye, thus partially correcting presbyopia. 
  • Cataracts —  A clouding of your natural internal lens making your vision unclear with or without glasses.  Cataract surgery removes the cataract and places a new intraocular lens (IOL) inside the eye.  The Crystalens is a type of IOL.
  • Astigmatism — The curvature of the cornea which results in blurred vision without glasses.The Crystalens does not correct astigmatism.
  • Posterior Capsule Opacification -  After cataract surgery the capsule that holds the lens implant (IOL) will often get cloudy.  To correct this, a YAG laser is used to create an opening in the capsule to remove this cloudiness. 
  • One or both eyes

To solve your problem, the journey begins...

  • Phase I — Fix the Cataract and fix the Presbyopia
  • Phase II — Fix the posterior capsule if required
  • Phase III — Fix your astigmatism if required.  Enhance any residual farsightedness or nearsightedness.
  • Phase IV — Visual rehabilitaion - Patients with the Crystatlens have noted improved accommodation (ability to see at near) for up to twelve months after sugery.