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About Our Practice
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Price Eye Clinic is dedicated to a simple mission - help people see their best. To accomplish this goal we bring together a wide array of professionals and technologies.

First, we offer a comprehensive eye exam. The examination will diagnose the common problems of nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, and presbyopia. More importantly, the eye exam will also look for potentially blinding problems like cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, and diabetes. Unfortunately, these problems can cause irreversible damage that one may not be aware of until it is too late.

To assist our doctors in diagnosing these problems, Price Eye Clinic utilizes the latest in high tech diagnostic equipment: the Humphrey Visual Field Analyzer, Heidelburg Retinal Topographer, Tomey Corneal Topographer, DHG Corneal Pachymeter, and the Visx Wavescan aberrometer.

Second, we offer a range of optical solutions. Our optician is well versed in meeting the diverse eyeglass needs of our patients. From a single vision or multifocal lens to a transitional (a.k.a. photogrey) or a polarized lens, Price Eye Clinic can fit you. After creating the perfect lens, choose a pair of frames that bring out the best in you. We offer a choice of frames in our optical shop that bring the latest in eyewear fashion to our patients. Perhaps you have glasses but want to try contact lenses, we are ready to fit you.

Finally, we offer the latest surgical solutions to help people see their best. Dr. Kent Price, our surgeon, is experienced in cataract, corneal and refractive surgery. Cataract surgery has undergone a remarkable evolution over the last decade and Dr. Price has been at the forefront of the field. Today, Cataract Surgery is a no stich, no needle, no patch endeavor that takes only minutes. Laser Vision Correction is the exciting field of reducing or eliminating a person's need for glasses using an excimer laser. The Internal Collamer Lens brings new hope to those who were considered too nearsighted or farsighted to benefit from Laser Vision Correction surgery. Instead of wearing a contact lens on the eye, the Internal Collamer Lens goes inside the eye where it can permanently remain.

High Technology, Education, and Experience are all excellent reasons to chose a team of eye care providers, but these things mean nothing if there is no compassion. Have you ever visited a doctor and felt like no one cared? Today's medical environment is hectic and overburdened, but at Price Eye Clinic we try hard to recognize how special you are. We treat each patient as an individual and tailor each diagnostic test, optical solution, or surgical solution to your needs. Personal relationships mean everything and we want to treat you like we would treat our own family, with gentle kindness.