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Visx Customvue™ Technology

Visx Customvue™ Technology is the latest development in the evolution of laser vision correction. The process starts with a "Wavescan". In the past, eyeglass prescriptions were measured trial and error by placing various lens combinations in front of the eye.

The accuracy of this method was limited based on the precision of the lenses and could not measure unique variables in a person’s prescription called “higher order aberrations”. Wavescan can measure these higher order aberrations and produce a description of the eye’s refractive state that is totally unique to the individual. These unique measurements are then use to calculate an unique Customvue™ treatment pattern to correct the refractive error.

The Customvue™ treatment solution is then programmed into the Visx S4 laser. With it’s Variable Spot Scanning and eye tracking capabilities, the Visx S4 is capable of reshaping the cornea according to the Customvue™ treatment pattern. The higher level of precision results in a greater likelihood of 20/20 vision after Laser Vision Correction and fewer annoying problems with vision at night and glare. The prospective patient must be careful in choosing their laser. Other laser systems do not offer customized treatments.

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