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LVC Step-by-Step
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Laser Vision Correction

Laser Vision Correction (LVC) Step By Step

Going to the doctor for elective surgery can cause a lot of anxiety. At Price Eye Clinic we want to alleviate this anxiety by describing exactly what will happen when you arrive.

The LVC FREE screening

  • Meet your Refractive Counselor
  • Have an automated refraction by our ophthalmic technicians
  • View an informational video
  • Receive informational brochures
  • Discuss any questions with your refractive counselor

The LVC Evaluation

  • Meet your Refractive Counselor
  • Meet your ophthalmic tech
  • Undergo diagnostic testing
  • Wavescan
  • Topography
  • Pachymetry
  • Undergo your primary refraction
  • Eye dilation (drops)
  • Second refraction
  • Complete eye exam by your surgeon Dr. Price
  • Discussion of LVC by Dr. Price given your unique exam and goals
  • Surgery scheduling by your Counselor

LVC Surgery Day

  • Arrive at office and take preop sedative when instructed
  • Undergo any confirmatory testing if needed
  • Exam by Dr. Price in the exam room to place guide markers used in surgery
  • Enter OR for skin prep and positioning under the laser
  • LVC performed on one or both eyes
  • Eyes examined at microscope immediately after surgery
  • Receive postop drops and instructions
  • Go home and rest

After LVC Surgery

  • Routine follow up appointments are usually scheduled for 1 day, 4-5 days, 1 week, 1 month, and 3 months after surgery.

You have now completed the LVC tour.
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